Council Adoration 5/15

Daughters of Isabella 5/2

Daughters of Isabella monthly meeting will be on Wednesday, May 2nd at 6 pm in the Parish Hall at Holy Family.

May Committee Members:
Loretta L., Lenora J., Marie R., Gaye G., Ashley S., Pat S., Shirley J., Pam D., Kathryn B.

We will be having our annual baby shower/diaper drive. You do not have to wrap diapers, but may wrap smaller gifts. Any size.

Special Parish Masses 4/21-22

The next scheduled Parish weekend is April 21-22. On this special weekend, there will be only 2 Masses in the parish. Mass will be celebrated on Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 10am at Holy Family Church. We are looking forward to filling Holy Family church with our voices, our prayers, and our faith. When we come together as one community we respond affirmatively to the prayer of Jesus, “that they all be one.” (John 17:21) The other parish weekends have been scheduled for July 21-22, and October 20-21.

As my mother aged I tried to prepare myself for the reality that her time on this earth was probably growing short. At 88 I knew that every day I had with her was a gift to be savored. I am grateful for every moment I spent with her and will forever be grateful that I had the privilege of taking care of her for all these years. I tried to spoil her and, as she did for me when I was young, went without what I needed so she could have what she wanted. It was truly a joy for me to take care of her.  I will never forget holding her hand as she left this world to her share in the resurrection gained for her by Jesus Christ.

I wish there were a way I could thank each of you for the cards and kind words of support that you have offered to me but it would take forever. The love and support that I have been shown at the death of my mother has been overwhelming. Words cannot describe the comfort you have offered me. Nor can words describe the gratitude that I will forever hold in my heart for the way I have been consoled by so many of you.

My mother continuously, through word but mostly through action, reminded me of the power of prayer. And so, in thanksgiving for your kindness to me I will offer my Monday morning Holy Hour in thanksgiving for each of you. I will pray that each of you know the love and support that I have experienced these last few days. I will pray that your loved ones be safe, and that each of you know, as did my mother, a deep and intimate friendship with Jesus.

-Fr. Bill

Old Town, Orono, Bradley, Penobscot Nation