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Members of the Parish of the Resurrection Youth Ministry returned from a  Catholic Youth conference called Steubenville East in Lowell Massachusetts. Here is what they experienced in their own words…

The few days leading up to Steubenville I was n’t very excited but I’m so glad I went. The talks were very engaging and informative but my favorite part was the singing and adoration. I’ve been to adoration many times before but never one as powerful as the one at Steubenville. ~Wunderly Rote

This weekend was a great opportunity for me to reconnect with my faith. Over the past three days I’ve come to understand that God is always there and running towards you. Being surrounded by 3,000 catholic teens helped me realize I’m not alone in my faith. ~ Chelsea Hall

When I was younger, my faith was super strong as I got older I lost my way. After going to this conference my connection with God is so much stronger and I’ve come back changed. I’m so thankful for this opportunity! ~Hannah Moody

This weekend has given me the opportunity to accept God’s love into my life. During adoration on Saturday I wa in awe of the body of Christ and the impact his presence had on so many teens around me. It was just as He passed that I realized I had to let everything go and just accept Him into my life. I no longer wanted anything keeping me from living with God in my life! This experience was truly like no other. ~ Anna Zmistowski

Thank you all for your support of this trip. As you can tell from these testimonies it was life changing. Please encourage teens in your life to join this trip next year!​

Fall Semester 2015


  • September 13th 9:00– Registration Breakfast
  • September 20th 12:00 – Fall Kick off, capture the flag
    • Topic: Choices
  • September 27th 12:00 – T-shirt making:
    • Topic: Best way to live
  • October 4th 12:00 – Apple Fest
    • Topic: God’s Dream for you
  • October 18th 9:00 THINK FIRST STAY SAFE
  • October 25th 12:00 Ghost Stories
    • Topic: Be a Rebel
  • November 8th 12:00 Teen Trivia
    • Topic: Stinking Thinking
  • November 15th 12:00 Food Drive
    • Topic: Hungry for the Truth
  • November 20-22
    • Journey Retreat Weekend
  • November 29th Advent Calendars
    • Topic: God’s Grace “Second Chances”
  • December 6th 12:00 Meadows Christmas Bingo
  • December 13th 12:00 Visit From Seth Dwyer
    • Topic: Jesus was a radical

Old Town, Orono, Bradley, Penobscot Nation